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Shower Steamer 4-pack

Shower Steamer 4-pack

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"Revitalize Your Shower Experience! 🚿🌿

Indulge in our invigorating Shower Steamers, infused with refreshing menthol and premium essential oils. 🌬️🍃 Transform your daily shower into a spa-like escape, as the steam releases the soothing aromas, uplifting your senses. Embrace the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation with every breath.


📌How To Use-

  • Before use, let warm water run for several minutes to moisturize the air.
  • It’s best to place the shower steamers away from running water and the drain.
  • Breathe in deeply as the essential oils vaporize into the air.
  • Avoid using the air vent while using the steamers.

Each pack contains 4 - 55 gram shower steamers 

How to Use

Place in shower corner, activate with water, and enjoy the invigorating aromas as steam releases. Breathe in the relaxation

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